1. Privacy On www.brazilianhairbundlesdeals.com

Personal Data Collection

At www.brazilianhairbundlesdeals.com we take the privacy of your personal information very seriously. When you visit or register on our website we collect certain information from your activities on our online store. The information we collect helps us provide you with more related and personalized products and services that cater to your need in the best possible way. The information we collect include your name, gender, email address, IP, product preference ,billing and shipping address, device information, phone number and language preference. The data we collect is encrypted with the help of best encryption tools. We respect the privacy of your information which is why we continuously update our security features in order to keep your information safe. We ensure that the information your provide is safe from all sorts of unauthorized access and manipulation.

Use Of Collected Data

We do not collect any information without your knowledge. We use the information voluntarily provided by you on our website. We use the information for improving your experience on our online store. Your information is used for the following purposes.

  • To create your personal profile on our online store. You will need a profile in order to carry out transactions at our website.
  • For Better communication with you.
  • To understand your product preference and to offer and recommend you products according to your preferences.
  • To Process transactions and exchanges in case of product returns.
  • Most importantly we use the provided information to improve our products and services for you and all other clients

Our Communication With You

We will also communicate your transaction details, order updates and promotions to you through App push notifications, SMS and emails. Once you have processed a transaction through our website we might send you a confirmation email to make the transaction more secure. The emails you get can contain;

  • Order and transaction confirmation details
  • Order delivery notification
  • Change in delivery address
  • Tracking information related to your order and courier service.

You can also unsubscribe or delete your account however you will not be able to learn about the new promotions, discounts, offers, tips, update in business policy and all other related information. We analyze your interaction with our website and then communicate relevant offers to you. Our frequency of communication with you depends on the frequency of your visits and transactions on our website. If you show immense interest in our products and services, we will send you the best offers and discounts on a regular basis.


Cookies are one of the most traditional ways to collect information from the customer in order to improve the shopping experience for the customer. A cookie is a small file that is downloaded to your computer or mobile device and then retrieved from your device when you visit the website again. We respect your privacy which is why we do not disclose the information and buying patterns of our clients to any third party. We use cookies to analyze your buying behavior which may also track your behavior across different websites. We use both session and persistent cookies to collect information.

Cookies can be disabled and deleted however if the cookies are turned off in your browser you might not be able to perform all activities on our website in an effective way. In order to work properly some features of our website require cookies to be enabled.

Children's Privacy

At www.brazilianhairbundlesdeals.com/ we take children's privacy very seriously. If we find out that a child under the age if 13 is registered on our website we will immediately erase all the information as it is not our policy to collect data from children below the age of 13.

Processing of Information

When you visit our website or carry out a transaction through our website it means that you have fully agreed to voluntarily provide us with your personal information which will only be used to improve our way of business which will eventually improve your shopping experience on our website.

Delete Your Account

If for some reason you wish to stop using our website and you want to delete your profile we will help and guide you along the way. We will always be sad to see you leave but we will respect your decision. If you want to unsubscribe from our emails and other communication posts you can either do it by clicking ‘unsubscribe' below every email or you can contact our customer support staff through our contact us page. The same way you can also contact our customer support staff if you want to delete your profile and all your information from our website.

2. Security On www.brazilianhairbundlesdeals.com

Security Of Our Visitor's Data

Like most of other secured online stores we use SSL encryption to secure the financial information of our clients. Secure Sockets Layers or SSL is one of the best encryption tools available to online businesses. We do not just ensure security for your personal data on our website we also ensure physical security of your information. Only authorized employees have access to client information which they use to improve the experience for our clients. Our servers are also secure and physically guarded. We make sure our third party servers are located in places which make it inaccessible to unauthorized staff and where there are no risks of any hazards.

It should be kept in mind that we try our best to provide our customers with the most secure and encrypted shopping experience. We do work with third party business partners but we never disclose your information or personal data to any third parties. You have to keep in mind that nothing on the internet is always completely secure. We can guarantee and ensure that we are using the best practices to protect your personal information however it should also be noted that the information your provide us is voluntary and your choice. Our sole purpose of collecting information is to make your experience on our website better in all ways.

Third Party Organizations

Third party partners are very important for our business. We sign confidentiality agreements with our third party partners which prohibits them from using or disclosing your personal information in a wrong and manipulative way. The information that is disclosed to third parties is solely for the reason of carrying out or improving quality of our service.

Payment Of Your Order

We may have to provide your credit card number to third party organizations who we have partnered with in order to streamline the payment process. These third party organizations include PayPal, Visa, Master Card and other card processors.

Delivery Of Your Product

We have partnered with several third party courier services like DHL and FedEx. These companies aid in getting your order to your doorstep so we have to provide your name, contact details, email address and shipping address so that your desired product can reach you without any hassle.


We may also share information with our marketing team, third party advertisers and Google analytics. This information might include things like number of daily visits, most bought item, size of an order, region of most orders and other related information.

Corporate Affairs

In case of an acquisition, merger, reorganization, sale of a certain proportion or entirety of the business, bankruptcy and other similar corporate affairs we will be legally inclined to share all your personal information with the other parties involved.

3. Right To Change The Privacy Policy

We at www.brazilianhairbundlesdeals.com reserve the right to change or update our privacy and security policy of our company. We will make sure our visitors and clients know of the change in privacy and security policy. We might also send you an email or an SMS regarding the change as well. You might also be able to see a notification on our website informing you of the change in policy. When you visit our privacy policy page you can view the date for when the policy was last updated.

Importance and Purpose of The Privacy and Security Policy

Privacy policy is very important for both the business and its customers. It ensures that the data provided by the visitors is safe and will not be disclosed to third parties for manipulative purposes. It also helps in developing trust within customers for the respective brands. The only reason the website will collect customer data will be to make the entire experience better for the customer.