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Nothing defines beauty as impeccably as your hair style. The hair you rock at any given time becomes part of your personality. It not only helps to improve your personality but it also makes you look more beautiful. We offer a wide range of unique and exquisite Brazilian Hair Bundles at affordable prices. We are a very devoted company with several years of experience in the development and production of Remy hair weaves especially Virgin Brazilian Remy Hair. You don’t even have to get out of your cozy bed to buy our amazing products, just visit our website and order your favorite Brazilian hair bundle from the website. Our quality is reflected from all the positive reviews and feedback we get from our clients.

What is Brazilian Hair?

People living in different parts of the world all have their unique properties that they share as a group. Long, curly, durable, soft and sometimes thick hair can be linked to many native Brazilians. The hair that has the look and feel of native Brazilian hair type is known as Brazilian hair. It is one of the most preferred and sought after hair of the world. Due to its durability it can be shaped according to the need of the person. All types of Brazilian hair work well with color dyes. There are several different styles and types of Brazilian hair.

The three most popular styles of Brazilian hair are given below:

  • Brazilian Straight Hair
  • Brazilian Wavy Hair
  • Brazilian Curly Hair

Virgin Brazilian Remy Hair

Virgin Brazilian Remy Hair is one of the most significant and most sought after type of Brazilian hair. Remy hair is the type of hair that is still intact with its cuticles. This property gives Remy Hair it's natural and smooth look. Remy hair no matter the culture you associate with it is always smooth and durable. Hair experts and makeup artists consider Remy hair, the highest quality of human hair extensions in the market. We offer unique and stylish virgin Brazilian Remy hair at a very affordable price on our website. For those who don't know, virgin hair is the hair that is natural and unprocessed however our Remy hair also blends in with hair dyes so it can be dyed according to the needs and preference of the person. Beauty is always praised, but more so if it is natural. Our virgin Remy Brazilian hair is unprocessed which gives it a natural and smooth look. It is very important for Remy hair to be smooth and have each individual hair pointing in the same direction unlike some of the non-Remy hair out in the market.

How Many Brazilian Hair Bundles Are Needed For A Full Sew In

When you feel like your natural hair is not enough to capture your true beauty then you should definitely buy a hair extensions bundle. Sewing in of hair is not an easy process and should only be carried out by people are experienced in the field. If done wrong, it can cause a lot of problems for the person including hair loss and hair breakage. If you want to sew in hair bundles to your natural hair then it is advised to always get it done at a salon so that an experienced person can take care of your needs in a professional and safe way.

Sewing in hair bundles can be a very time taking process. The process involves several different steps and ways to sew in hair bundles on to a person's head or natural hair. Sewing in of hair bundles can aid people in enhancing the beauty of their hair. They can also be used to add length to your natural hair. Hair extensions are sometimes glued or clipped on to natural hair however sewing in of hair is one of the most effective and long lasting ways of enjoying a great hair experience. The hair can be sewn both horizontally and vertically. As mentioned earlier , there are many different ways that hair bundles can be sewn on a person's head however there is one concept known as tracking where the natural human hair is first braided and then hair extensions are sewn in to the extensions. You can add extensions or hair bundles on full head or some portions of the head depending on the look you are going after.

It is normally believed that three hair bundles are enough for full sew in however this is not true for everyone. The number of hair bundles required for a full sew in depend on several other factors including desired look, head size, hair length, head shape and hair type. It is important to note the length and quality of hair bundles before sewing them in with your natural hair. The length and quality of your natural hair should resonate with the length and quality of your hair bundles. If you have a relatively smaller sized head, then two hair bundles might be enough for you however for an average full sew in ,three hair bundles are usually required. You can even use more than three hair bundles if they are required to get your hair into your desired style.

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